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Click here for the system schematic
Our purification system is the best available in the industry. The system is best described as a charcoal filtration, multi-filtration, Reverse-Osmosis (Two membranes) coupled with  UV lighting to kill all living organisms.  Most of the components are Stainless Steel providing a better tasting water than available from most other sources today.  Maintenance keeps our highest standards of TDS (Total Disolved Solids) to less than 7 ppm (typically 2 ppm). New systems use considerably more PVC (plastic) and have a less desirable flavor.
When you arrive, we recommend you use the bottle rinsing station provided before filling your containers.  There are seven purified water dispenser and one DI (DeIonized) faucet that provides 0 ppm of TDS.  We also provide paper towels to wipe down your containers when finished.

At your request we would be more than happy to assist you with loading your filled containers into your vehicle.

We have a variety of designer crocks for dispensing water in your home.  These crocks are lead-free and meet the highest standards to provide many years of enjoyment.

Most crocks have full color graphics and some have embossed full color graphics to enhance your decor.  Of course we carry a full range of bottle sizes for use with these crocks.  We have water related accessories to meet any budget.  Come check us out!

For your nightstand or office desk we stock a variety of designer mini-crock sets that include a matching mug.

These make for great gifts for any occasion and we have gift certificates too!

Located in front of the display wall our freezer with the best tasting ice made from our own purified water!  Wow!  It actually makes your favorite beverages taste better than ever!

Don't have counter space to spare?  No problem!  We have a myriad of designer floor stands.  Some even include storage for bottles.

Also, don't forget your pets.  They will have better health and longer life drinking the same water as you.  Don't you deserve that?  So look at our pet food and water stations.  Your friend will be glad you did!

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